Rodrigo Sarzeda

Degree:2nd Year, BEng Aerospace Engineering

My first impression of Surrey was that the campus was really nice. I like the fact that everything is in one place and students here are really nice. When I first arrived, staff were nice and took us around the campus and showed us all the different things. The social life is great! I got to meet new people from all over the world and living in university accommodation you get the best opportunity to make really good friends.

I decided to come to Surrey as I heard the employment rate was quite high and my high school college councilor really recommended it for me. The course was very strong at Surrey, not to mention the other activities you get out from the university, such as the societies, student union and a top level sports centre.

I think my course is quite good and I definitely feel I will get prepared for a successful career as we cover a lot of subjects. A very differential point of University of Surrey is the professional training year which gives the opportunity for students to go for a year out and work in industry so that you can get the feeling of what your future careers might be. The course is also very hands on, even during the first year. I do not think we would get the chance elsewhere to get into the workshop and into the labs and get the real feel of engineering is all about. The lecture theaters are very well structured as well as the lecture rooms.

I think the support is so amazing. For example, there is financial support, academic support and the health center. The facilities are excellent as well. The computer labs are good, the wind tunnels and en-flow lab are top class, and an excellent resource to have. The recent highlight would definitely be the recent built Surrey Sports Park, it has to be the most modern sport center in the UK .

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