Norman Omar

Nationality: Bruneian
Degree: 2nd Year, BSc Professional Practice Nursing course

I applied to lots of universities looking for a course that suited my needs. Finally I spoke with Lucy and she told me that there may be a course that accommodates my working condition. She e mailed me the next day and helped me. Other universities didn’t have any courses that suit my current working situation…or they don’t accept international students.

I think this university is marvellous. I find lots of flexibility in terms of modules which really suits me. I can plan for my vacations and so on. I live in Manor Park and I like it. It’s a big accommodation for students.

My advice for new students is that the university provides flexibility. I have a friend who studies in London on a similar course and he is very surprised that I have managed to go back to Brunei 3 times this year as he doesn’t have the opportunity to do the same.  

In terms of my practical session, I was very happy as well, as my supervisor in the hospital was very helpful too. My teachers are really helpful, actually sometimes, initially I thought that when we have an assignment, tutors would check daily, but now I know they only need to be checked once or twice, so now I have adapted to that experience.

When I was back in Brunei, I was in charge of some types of surgery, but when I came here I was new to may things. Although sometimes they seem very small, they are important.

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