Agwaziam Kenneth

Nationality:  Nigerian
Degree:  MSc Process Systems Engineering

Compared to my country, when I first came here I thought the structure of the University was mind-blowing. When I arrived I came through the train station. The first thing I saw was the Duke of Kent Building. I thought WOW that looks awesome, this is amazing! It looks wonderful!

In general the University of Surrey has a university setting. When you see a University in my country they don’t have massive spaces and structures and things like that you know? Some other Universities in the UK don’t have this either and I think what type of University is this!?

Surrey suits the idea of how I think a University should be like. The general environment, lake, pond and all the structures are conducive. When you’re tired of studying you can walk around, refresh your mind then go back and study.

In the country where I came from it’s not really easy to have a clear one on one contact with your lecturer. When I came to Surrey, I was told you can go and meet your lecturer and they will explain everything. This actually happened to me – I got stuck on some coursework so I met with my lecturer who asked me to sit down. He asked me what I didn’t understand and then explained everything to me.

I would tell International Students who are thinking of coming to Surrey to come – you won’t be making a mistake.

Focus on your goal and make sure you achieve it.

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