Girl's shooting in corner shop reflects grim reality for small stores

The tragedy of 5 year old Thusha Kamaleswaran hits hard at the heart of many, says Dr Spinder Dhaliwal, an expert in Asian businesses.  The futility of the situation  and such a burden for a young girl and her family to bear.  Guns , firearms, knives have found their way into grocery shops.

Dr Dhaliwal added: "The back bone of the small business community are the small shops servicing people, many of them Asian owned – all working hard and long hours. These are, in almost all cases, family businesses where all members play a part. I grew up in a corner shop, like countless Asian immigrants from my generation. I remember waking up to the smell of fresh bread every morning, but I also remember the toll the hard work took on my parents and of the increasing danger of running a shop.   The odd bit of shoplifting and a few racial slurs a week we could cope with, but the escalating danger of bricks through the window, and the gangs hanging outside gave a sinister edge to a successful business which we sold a few years ago.
"It’s no wonder we are seeing many high street shops boarded up with ‘for sale’ and ‘to let’ signs.  Not only are we in a volatile and depressing economy but the street crime is a definite issue putting off potential entrepreneurs."

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