Frequently Asked Questions

General queries about Library Services

How do I get my Library PIN (to access my Library account online)?

Newly registered students should receive their PIN  via e-mail. However, if you have not received it, or you are a member of staff, please come to the Ask Me desk on Level 1 of the Learning Centre, or e-mail

How can I renew my books?

Please see information on the Borrowing, Renewing and Returning web page.

How do I get a replacement campus card and how much does it cost?

Please see information about campus cards on the My Campus Card web page.

Where can I recharge my campus card with photocopying credits?

The recharging machine is on the first floor in the Whispers Café area. You can also add credit online: look under 'Printing Credits' in the Library A-Z Index or follow the links on the IT Services site to the EMOS payment system.

How can I get access to the Library if I have finished my course and am no longer a student?

Please see information on the Alumni web page.

Where do I hand in my InterLibrary Loan form? How long do Inter Library Loan requests take to arrive?

Please hand in forms at the Information Desk on the Ground floor of the Library.

Since we are dependent on another Library (usually the British Library Document Supply Centre in Yorkshire) to deliver items, times can vary considerably. Please note that requests are only processed during office hours, and that we require a signed copyright declaration form before we can process requests (including for online requests and Secure Electronic Delivery).

Photocopies (including journal articles and book chapters)
Usually delivered within 1 week of request.
Secure Electronic Delivery can take as little as 24 hours from the time that the request is processed by the Library (at the moment only academic staff and postgraduate researchers are eligible to request SEDs).

Loan items (including books and theses)
Please note that it can take several weeks for these items to be delivered, especially if they are out on loan to another reader.

See the InterLibrary Loans web page for more details on how to request ILLs.

Finding Information for Your Study

How do I find a book or journal?

Please see information on finding and using information on the Subject Guides web page.

Can I borrow DVDs and CDs?

Please see information at the Audio-Visual Materials web page.

Where can I get more help with databases/journals/finding information in the library?

1. For a useful basic guide see our web pages on the Subject Guides  web page.

2. You can find links to our online help sheets on the Helpsheets web page.

3. You are welcome to attend a workshop or drop-in training session - see the Information Skills Session web page for more information.

4. You are also welcome to come to the Information Desk on the Ground floor of the Library during serviced hours.

5. In addition we have a range of printed helpsheets for you to take away, which can be found next to the Ask Me desk on Level 1 of the Learning Centre.

How do I find out who the Academic Liaison Librarian is for my course?

Academic Liaison Librarians have a crucial role in making sure that the books and journals required for taught courses are obtained for the Library, by requesting that lecturers send them course reading lists in good time. They also carry out training sessions on finding information, and can be consulted by Research students and academics for specialist advice on sourcing information. Each school is allocated an Academic Liaison Librarian.

See the Academic Liaison Librarians web page for contact details.

Queries about E-Resources

For information on accessing e-journals visit this page.

For queries, email

Finance FAQ

Why do I have to pay fines for books which are late back?

The Library has a greater demand for its books (and especially textbooks) than it can meet. Therefore they are loaned for defined periods. To enable others to borrow books it is important that they are returned to the Library as soon as you are finished with them. To encourage you to do this, we levy a fine which increases the longer that the book is overdue. You can check the label inside the book or the self issue receipt for the date it is due back to the Library. Alternatively you can check your borrower account via the internet or the 24/7 telephone information and renewals line (+44 1483 689235) for the same details.

What do you do with the money that you raise from fines?

The money that we raise is used to purchase additional materials (books, CDs, etc.) or equipment (DVD players etc.) for the Library’s users.

Why did you charge me for losing my campus card?

We charge for lost cards as there are costs associated with producing new cards (the card itself, the equipment to produce it, and staff time to amend your record). We also charge to emphasise that the card is an important document which gives you rights in the Students’ Union, the computer clusters and the Library as well as discounts in the high street, so you should keep it safe. If it is stolen (rather than misplaced) we will re-issue at no cost if you produce a crime number and police statement. We will also replace it free of charge if it is worn out through heavy use. Any money left over after having met the costs of replacement are used to purchase additional materials or equipment for the Library’s users.

Why did you charge me for losing a book?

The Library has to operate within a very tight financial budget and we attempt to purchase new material to support taught courses and researchers. When books are lost, and especially when they are on reading lists, they need to be replaced urgently.
As there is a cost associated with this, we charge for the cover price of the book and an administration fee to cover the time of staff in ordering, processing and getting it ready again for the shelves – costs that would not have been incurred if you had not lost the book.

Why did you charge me for taking a book out of the Library without it being issued to me?

The books in the Library are held as a resource for all of our users Anyone removing a book without it being issued to them is questioned by Reception Desk staff and their name recorded. If it is a genuine mistake no further action is taken unless it happens several times. Those who attempt to remove security tags from a book or otherwise deliberately attempt to get round our security systems are treated as having stolen it. The University treats this behaviour as anti-social and has empowered the Library to fine those who behave in this way. In some circumstances we may also involve the Police. Fines for this behaviour are passed to the Student Hardship Fund rather than to the Library, but we make an administration charge if we need to replace or repair a book that has been removed or damaged and to recoup our staff costs.

Why do you charge for photocopying?

As you would expect we need to recoup the costs associated with providing a
photocopying service (machines, paper, toner, etc.). We review the cost of
photocopying from time to time and adjust in the light of the rates charged by other
local suppliers. This has resulted in a cost decrease in recent years. Remember that the
copying facilities in the Library are invariably of higher quality and more flexible
than those in local newsagents etc.

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